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Who We Are?

We're a regional chapter of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). We're university and college faculty members, professional practitioners, governmental researchers and graduate students. Our shared frame of reference: the study of public opinion. We're a student-friendly organization, dedicated to helping develop the next generation of public opinion researchers and scholars. We list from coast to coast - Washington (state) to Washington (DC).


MAPOR's informal motto:

"Midwest" is a state of mind, not geography.

MAPOR Fellows

MAPOR Fellows are those MAPOR members who have made significant contributions to MAPOR through scholarship, service to the organization or other means. They’re selected by the MAPOR Executive Board. MAPOR Fellows also administer and judge the annual Student Paper Competition (click here to see a list of winners).

2016    Joe Murphy

             Julie Andsager

2015    Nora Cate Schaefer

2014    Timothy P. Johnson

2013    Patricia Moy

2012    Peter V. Miller

2011    Steve Everett

2010    Albert Gunther

2008    Robert M. Groves

2007    Allan McCutcheon

2006    K. “VishViswanath

2005    Sharon Dunwoody

2004    Rob Daves

2003    Rick Perloff

2002    Michael Traugott

2000    Cecilie Gaziano

1999    Mark Miller

1998    Leo Jeffres

1997    Paul Lavrakas

1996    Lee Becker

1994    George Bishop

1993    David Weaver

1992    Donna Charron

1990    Jack McLeod

1989    George Donohue

             Clarice Olien

             Phillip Tichenor

1988    Doris Graber


Current Membership

MAPOR's membership breakdown, as of July 2016:

  • Total Members: 315
  • AAPOR Members: 152



Click here to access the By-Laws document.


MAPOR Strategic Plan

Click here to access the Strategic Plan.

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